Bucket Kits

These bucket survival kits give you all the emergency items you may need during an unexpected situation. By providing food, water, light, communication, shelter, tools and hygiene items, you'll be well prepared to be self-reliant for a short duration disaster. Having everything fit in a bucket, all your survival items will be in one place ready to use when needed. Plus, you'll have a convenient place to use the bathroom along with the chemicals you need to maintain sanitary conditions.

Handling emergency supplies for an entire office is made easy with our 10 person office kit. This combination bucket and backpack package gives 10 workers...
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Our family emergency bucket kit give you the survival supplies you need for Mom, Dad, and three little ones. These provisions will help your family endure a...
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This emergency bucket kit is designed for two people to take care of themselves during an unexpected emergency. It provides enough gear and supplies allow...
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Put together with a four person family in mind, this emergency bucket kit takes care of your physical needs during a 72 hour scenario where you have to fend...
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