Elite Survival Kits

This line of kits has the most survival gear in them giving you more options to set up a more comfortable spot whether in the wilderness, at home, or stuck in the middle of nowhere due to a vehicle breakdown. The included tube tent gives you shelter from the rain and along with an emergency sleeping bag and body warmers, you'll be cozy enough to get some good rest after dealing with any emergency situation.

With plenty of light, matches to start a fire, and a wind up radio to keep you informed, you'll feel as if you're on a camping trip instead of being in the middle of a disaster.

Choose between 1 or 2 person backpack, or even a 4 person rolling duffle bag to suit the number you want to take care of and prepare for.

Stocked with enough survival gear to handle the most demanding circumstances, this 2 person backpack kit will keep you and yours alive. You need to have...
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This Four Person Duffle Survival Kit provides enough gear and supplies to keep a family alive, safe, and comfortable during an unexpected emergency. Having...
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When looking out for yourself, you'll do well to have a Guardian Backpack Kit to rely upon. This is a stocked pack full of survival gear a single person can...
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