Emergency Bivvy


Like a sleeping bag, this Heatsheets® emergency bivvy will keep you out of the cold. More compact, lightweight design features a quiter, more durable polyethylene material. Reflects 90% of your body heat. Fits one person. Put these in your home emergency or survival kit.

Emergency Bivvy

Emergency Bivvy in use

Once you climb in this bivvy, you begin to feel the warmth. This is your own body heat not escaping into the air as it normally does. Instead it's contained within the confines of the emergency bivvy and around you where it belongs.

Bivvy held in handWind is also a sapper of body heat, especially if you're wet. Without a protective layer blocking the wind, you can quickly lose your own insulating abilities. Wind can not penetrate this material and can not rob you of your own warmth. This emergency bivvy is effective as a wind blocker keeping your vital body heat around you.

The Heatsheets® material used in this emergency bivvy represents a more durable, quieter, reflective material than the traditional mylar, polyester, space blanket products. Most importantly, the Heatsheets® polyethylene material is not subject to catastrophic rips that would render a mylar, or polyester blanket useless, exposing you to the elements and potentially much worse.


Size: 36" x 84"
Weight: 3.5oz

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