Emergency Tinder


Safe, sure emergency fire starting kit. Start fires without matches. Tinder lights even when wet. Non-toxic, odorless. Each piece burns 2-3 minutes. Contains: 10 pieces of waterproof tinder.

Emergency Tinder

Grasp tinder piece with both hands and squeeze and pull until it pulls apart. You now have two pieces that have multiple fuzzy fibers exposed. Place both pieces of emergency tinder together so that the exposed fibers are pointing upward. Set on the ground where you want to light your fire. Using a spark or any flame source, ignite the fibers. A magnesium stick works great for igniting the tinder. Any spark will set it on fire. Add kindling to get the fire going and then larger pieces of wood as needed.

A survival kit should not be without a way to make a fire. Emergency tinder gives you the perfect tool needed for fire starting. These extras allow for practice and for storage in your kit. To keep the unused pieces ready to go, use a waterproof match box for storage. You can fit six to eight of these emergency tinders inside the match box.

Without emergency tinder, you are forced to start your fire using naturally available material. With only a spark as an ignition source, it can be pretty tough. If you have emergency tinder and a spark, you won't have any problem getting a blazing warm fire going, even when it's wet out. Home made survival gear: How to make your own tinder.

Emergency Tinder

Light-Me Tinder pieces are perfect for starting fires in the outdoors and in emergency situations. Each piece provides 2-3 minutes of burn time. Light-Me Tinder specially treated fibers will light even in damp conditions. For best performance keep the Light-Me Tinder in a watertight bag, or better yet, a waterproof match box.

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