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Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure Medical Kits are top notch first aid kits that are designed by a real doctor. Dr Weiss designed these kits based on his own experience from participating in outdoor adventures.

Adventure Medical KitsIn the wilderness, you may not be able to get yourself to medical facilities should you or someone in your party sustain an injury. These kits provide the medical supplies you need to take care of many injuries that can occur in the outdoors. The larger kits are stocked with hospital quality instruments to care for more serious injuries such as fractures.

All of these first aid kits provide bandages and dressings to provide competent first aid for cuts and scrapes including medications for providing pain relief. Good group medicine including for children.

These first aid kits by Adventure Medical Kits are professional quality and have proven themselves in real world outdoor environments. They make great backpack kits on up to home emergency kits and can accomdate large groups of people. High quality ripstop nylon bag will last through tough circumstances.

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