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Cree LED Head Lamp provides bright light while keeping your hands free. When tramping through the woods or performing tasks, you want to be able to use both of your hands. Use a headlamp instead of having to tie up one hand with holding a flashlight.

Rothco’s Cree LED Headlamp is the perfect hands-free flashlight for tactical personnel, cyclists, hunters, and avid outdoorsmen. The hunting headlamp light features a 2-watt Cree center LED bulb, three ½-watt LED bulbs, and three light modes: high for maximum visibility, low, and red light for navigating through the darkness while conserving your night vision.

While setting up a tent, fixing a wire, or performing other tasks, the rotating head allows you to adjust the light in the direction of your work.

With a lightweight design and a stretchy adjustable headband, Rothco’s tactical helmet light fits most adult head sizes and doesn’t weigh your head or helmet down. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Head Lamp

Survival Headlamp Flashlight

Adjustable Head


  • Multi-Stage Push Button Headlamp Includes Three Light Modes: High For Maximum Visibility, Low, And Red Light For Navigating Through Darkness While Conserving Your Night Vision
  • Headlamp Flashlight Contains A 2-Watt Cree Center Led Bulb And Three ½-Watt Led Bulbs For Long-Lasting Light
  • Rotating Head Allows You To Adjust The Beam Of The Light Up Or Down
  • Lightweight Design Will Not Weigh Your Head Or Helmet Down
  • Stretchy Polyester Headband Is Fully Adjustable And Will Fit Most Adult Head Sizes
  • Perfect For Tactical Personnel, Cyclists, And Outdoorsmen
  • Requires 3 AAA Batteries (Not Included)

In a survival situation, you have many tasks. One of them should not be holding a flashlight. Wear a headlamp and you can use both your hands for whatever you're working on.

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