How to Store Food Long Term

It's easy to learn how to store food long term: Buy pre-packaged ready made meals that last for 25 years!

Sure, you can buy 50lbs sacks of grains, a grinder, Mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, and food grade plastic buckets to store it all in. If this is a hobby you want to pursue, I'm all for it. You'll learn a lot about how to process and make ready your own ingredients for long term storage. And there is a ton of information about processing, canning, preparing, and otherwise doing it all yourself.

If, however, you aren't all in to that, there's an easy solution. Wise Company manufactures fully prepared meals sealed in smaller sized packages that you can use as needed. As an example, one package of Pasta Alfredo makes four servings. If you need more, you can open another pack. What you're not doing is opening a large quantity of stored food and exposing it to the air. Once oxygen in the air hits your exposed food supply, it starts to degrade.

How to store food long term - Pasta Alfredo

These tasty meals already have all the ingredients and seasonings in them. There is nothing for you to prepare except for a pot of boiling water. You won't have to open up several tubs of different items to make your family’s dinner; the entire meal is already made.

These meals are just like camping foods we take to the woods when we go hunting or camping. You simply add boiling water and in a little while, you have a fully prepared meal chock full of nutrients. While nothing will compare to a genuine home cooked meal, these meals can provide any sized family full nutrition and variety for any length of time.

Store Food Long Term

Another consideration about how to store food long term is the amount of space it takes to store your food supply. With Wise Company products, you can store an entire year’s worth of food for a family of six in the space of a washer and dryer. All the meals are sealed inside interlocking and stackable buckets. At breakfast, lunch or dinner time, you take out what you need from the bucket and leave the rest. No worries about oxygen entering the bucket because the individual packages remain protected by their own protective bags.

This is really the way to go for the majority of us. How many of us have the time to process raw food stuffs into something viable for long term storage? Unless you already know what you're doing or have tons of time available to learn this new craft, buying your emergency food supply makes perfect sense.

And here's another little secret: the cost to purchase these meals is much less expensive than other methods of preparing yourself for a long term food emergency. You'll save an enormous amount time and effort as well.

Long Term Food Supply