Inventory Your Survival Kit

When you get your survival kit, the first thing you should do is conduct an inventory. You need to be aware of what you have and what uses they possess.

Inventory Your Survival Kit

Take note of the expiration dates. Food, water, medicines, and chem lights for example all need to be periodically replaced. They will have different dates so periodic inspection of your survival kit is a must. Replace items before they expire.

A 5 year shelf life is from the date of manufacture. Your expiration date may not be a full 5 years. Keep track of when you need to exchange items.

Once you have your survival kit, you may decide to add items or otherwise reconfigure its contents. Being prepared prior to an event is the smartest option. You know your situation best and know what you will need. These survival kits handle basic emergency essentials. Special needs of yourself and your family must be considered (medicine, pet food, escape route).

A sit down conversation with your family should be considered. Letting everyone know you're prepared for an emergency will keep things more settled during an actual event. Discuss the items in your survival kit and what they are used for. This is also a good time to go over your escape route. Show everyone where the survival kit is kept.

How often should you inspect your survival kit?

Every 3-6 months you should at least be sure you know what's in there. If you have a significant other, make sure they are present as well. A specific date gives you the opportunity to replace necessary items also.