Self Reliant Mindset

A well stocked emergency kit is only your first step in preparing yourself for the unexpected. The truth is, is that you do not know what kind of emergency or catastrophe will befall you, if any at all. A survival kit is meant to get you through a few days of turmoil where you do not have access to normal resupply chains such as grocery stores, gas stations, hardware outlets, etc. You may not have electricity or running water during this time.

The Self Reliant Mindset

That’s the reason you have a kit in the first place. To take care of yourself and your family if and when an unexpected event occurs that forces you to use it. While considering these kits, you want to ensure they have everything you need to survive as a human being. Shelter to get you out of the weather and maintain core body temperature, water and food for nourishment, first aid items for injuries, signaling devices should you need rescuing, and any other tools you can use to make your life more bearable while hard times have befallen you.

A self-reliant mind set goes beyond a three day scenario. While many people sincerely believe that the local, state, and federal government will provide for and take care of them, history has shown that they are not capable of doing that in any respectable manner.

City dwellers are more prone to this dependant thinking than people that live in rural areas. Country folk not only know they are responsible for their own welfare; they actively and routinely prepare themselves just by the nature of their lifestyle.  Living in the country means that stores and other facilities are not close by. So when they do go in to town for supplies, they generally stock up so they don’t run out too quickly. A supply of food to last several weeks is the norm while people that live in the city hardly think it’s necessary.

Water supplies can be disrupted by broken pipes or tainted by damaged facilities. In this event, if you depend solely on provided water, you simply will not have any. Water is vital to life and if you run out without an ability to get more, you will certainly die. Water storage doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it is something to consider and think about. Where will you get water if the faucets don’t work anymore? If you have an alternate source, is it safe to drink as is or could it contain harmful bacteria and viruses? Knowing how to filter and purify water and having an extra supply of it on hand before it runs out or goes away are vital components of a self reliance mind set.

These few things are a start to getting yourself prepared. Thinking about these things doesn’t make you a freak or weird, or anything like that. It makes you responsible, mature, and forward thinking. It also admits to yourself that you are ultimately responsible for your own well being. And that, in itself, is liberating.


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