Setting Up Your Tube Tent

If you follow the directions that came with the package, you'll have your tube tent set up in just a few short minutes.

All you really need to do is run the rope through the tube tent and tie off each end to a tree. Then you spread out the tent into its extended triangular shape. Weigh down the corners so it stays in place and you're all done.

You can place a thermal blanket underneath to place another barrier between you and the earth. This will help keep the ground from draining your body heat. We include the thermal blanket in our survival kits for this purpose.

Both ends of the tube tent are open so if it is raining or the wind is blowing real hard, you will want to close off the ends to keep you out of the weather. You can use your poncho to prevent the rain and wind from entering your sleeping place.

At 8 foot long, there's enough room for two people and your gear. You can use your backpack on the inside to hold the tent in place and to help seal off the open ends. If there are two of you, your body heat will help to warm the inside as well.

Believe or not, lighting a candle inside an enclosed tube tent will take the bite out of the coldness. Even with the little flame, the inside of your space will be warmer than the outside and provide some comfort.

Setting up your tube tent is easy and can be done in as little as a couple of minutes. Although these types of shelters aren’t designed for long term use, they work in a pinch and can get you out the elements.

Proper rest is important anytime but even more so when you're under the stress of having to survive. The tube tent helps provides that for you.

Setting Up Your Tube Tent