Sewing & Repair Kit


In a long term scenario out in the woods, your clothing and gear can become ripped or torn. Getting caught up on a thorn bush can rip your pants or shirt and expose your skin and body. If that happens, all kinds of critters can get inside your clothes and bite, sting, or just attach themselves to you while they suck your blood.

You need a sewing kit to repair your clothing and your gear.

If you've ever had a tick stuck in you, then you know the importance of keeping your clothing in a good state of repair. A simple sewing kit has needles, thread, and buttons you can use to get yourselves back on track and prevent the onslaught of insects. This is especially important when there are mosquitoes around. While in some locations, these can carry diseases, for most of us, they are more of a pain and a nuisance. If your clothing is torn and your skin exposed, these vile creatures have an open door to feeding on you.

Simple and lightweight, you won't even know it's there until you need to use it.

Sewing kits are lightweight and the space they take is also insignificant. Items can also be multipurpose. Your thread can be used for fishing, needles used for digging out splinters, and some kits even have other useful repair items such as safety pins.

Our most complete sewing and repair kit has a Fresnel lens you can use to start a fire as well as a mini razor knife you can use to cut your thread or to gut your fish. Another useful item to have is duct tape. With a multitude of uses, you would be wise to always carry some.

The Adventurer Survival Sewing and Repair Kit contains the most likely needed items, in sufficient quantities, to repair your clothing or equipment. In a survival situation, damage to either could be life threatening.

This is really the Ultimate Sewing Kit!

Survival Sewing Kit with Gear Repair Items

The Sewing and Repair Kit includes items such as: sewing needles (sizes most likely needed in a survival situation), straight pins, safety pins (again in various sizes), durable thread (nylon and Kevlar®), needle threader, buttons (different sizes), sewing thimble, an orange Derma Safe Knife (Government Approved), patch (waterproof for patching holes), Type 1A Utility Cord (Government Approved), brass wire, tie wraps, duct tape and more. (see below for complete contents listing)

Assembled in USA of US and foreign components
Wt: 2.5 oz (approx)
Size: 5” x 4.75” x 1”

This outdoor repair sewing kit is small enough to put in any survival kit, bug out bag, backpack, seat pocket or map case.

Heavy duty nylon thread, a variety of needles, buttons and pins will allow you to repair your heavy duty backpacking gear, clothing and outerwear.

If you want to be fully prepared, a small camping or backpack sewing kit is a must.

If you're the type that demands quality, this is the sewing kit for you. All high quality components including heavy duty thread. Great for emergency use.

Sewing Kit - Repair Kit


(1) MILSPEC 5 x 4 Aloksak Bag
(1) 2 3/4” x 1/2“ Needle Holder


(2) #7 Needle
(2) #18 Darner Needle
(1) #16 Darner Needle
(4) Heavy Duty Straight Pins
(6) Assorted Buttons
(6) Assorted Safety Pins
(1) Thread - #69 Heavy Duty
(1) Needle Threader
(1) Metal Thimble
(1) Fresnel Lens Magnifier (this is also your back up fire starter)


Bonded Kevlar Thread, 50 lbs test
Brass Repair Wire
Type 1A MILSPEC Utility Cord
Duct Tape (Made in the USA)
(1) 3” x 4” Durable Waterproof Patch
(2) Commercial Grade Cable Ties
(1) Military Approved Derma Safe Knife

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