Survival Kits for Children

When you start taking your children on hikes or out camping, you need to prepare them for the possibility that they could accidentally become separated from you and get lost. The most important thing for them to remember in such situations is to stay put and wait for help to arrive. The moment they realize they're lost, they should stop moving and sit down. This may be difficult for them as our tendency in such situations to want to keep traveling but your children need to understand it is far easier for searchers to find them if they stay in one spot, rather than being a moving target, so to speak.

Child Survival Kit

Each child should also be equipped with their own survival kit. The child survival kit need not be elaborate nor pricey. Instead, it just needs a few items that will provide for their comfort and well being as they wait for rescue.

Kids Mini Survival Kit

An emergency blanket will help keep them warm if the temperature dips and is far safer for younger children than any sort of fire making gear. Plus, the reflective material can make it easier to spot the child. Older children, those of sufficient maturity to know how to use them properly could be given matches, a lighter, and/or a ferro rod for making a small fire as well. Add in a folding rain poncho in case the weather turns foul before the child is found.

Food and water could consist of one or two granola bars and a bottle or sealed pouch of potable water. A scared child can calm themself down by sitting and eating a small meal. This gives them time to focus on being rescued.

A Focus on Rescue

One of the most important components of a child survival kit is a means of signaling for help, preferably multiple methods. A small, loud whistle works far better than shouting. The sound will carry much further than that of their voice, plus they won't suffer from a sore throat. A light stick, the type that you crack and shake to activate, can be tied to a length of cord and spun in a circle, making for a bright and easily seen visible signal at night. A flashlight serves a dual purpose in that it can not only be used as a signal but will also help the child combat fear of the dark.

A Child Emergency Kit

If the child is mature enough to understand the dangers and knows how to handle it properly, the kit should include a small folding knife. Nothing too high end, in case it gets lost, but something of decent quality. A knife is perhaps the most important tool in any survival kit.

All of these items will fit into a small fanny pack, belt pouch, or even just in their pockets. Just as important as having the items is teaching the child how to use them properly. Sure, most kids can probably figure out the complexities of eating a granola bar without training. But, there is a right way and a wrong way to use an emergency blanket, as well as fire making supplies, a knife, and other survival gear. Take the time to explain to the child how to use these items as that will not only keep them safe but provide them with the self-confidence necessary in survival situations.