Survival Radios For Sale

In preparing for an emergency, you may find yourself searching for survival radios for sale. You will want a way to know what is happening in the outside world. If radio stations are broadcasting, you will want to have a radio receiver so you can listen to emergency messages and take note of any relevant information.

Survival Radios for Sale

Being able to listen in can be critical to your survival. If the winds from a nuclear meltdown or explosion are blowing radioactive fallout toward your direction, you'd want to know that. If you have the means and time available, you'd move out of the target area to a cleaner, more safe zone.  If you don't have time, you can take appropriate action to better insulate yourself from contamination.

As a survival radio, you expect it to be able to function without any batteries or other electricity from the power grid. A wind-up or crank powered radio is your best bet. These types of radios have a handle that can be cranked and this action provides power for a short time. As an example, for 1 minute of hand cranking, you can get 20 minutes of live radio time.

Another feature of survival radios for sale is solar power. By having an ability to convert the sun’s rays into power, you can listen to the radio without even having to wind up the radio. As a backup option for providing power, you can hear the emergency broadcasts by using the solar power feature.

Having a source of information or even just hearing a voice out there can be comforting. It lets you know the world is not coming to an end and that this too shall pass. Keeping a radio in your survival pack helps you survive by keeping you up to date and allowing you to properly plan.

The survival radio we have for sale incorporates both the wind up crank and solar powered all in one unit. Additionally, it has a weather band that you can tune in to so you are aware of current weather forecasts for your area.

survival radios for sale