Vinyl Poncho

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lightweight ponchoInexpensive rain protection. Versatile poncho can also be used as ground sheet, lean-to, wind break or temporary tarp. Waterproof vinyl material. Electronically welded seams. Attached hood. PVC snap button closure. One size fits all. Full cut 52" x 80" (132cm x 203cm).

Vinyl Poncho - Keeps the Rain Off

Staying dry with a poncho on a cold and rainy day or night is a luxury you will be glad you have. Protection from the elements also keeps you healthy and motivated. Being cold, wet and miserable really decreases your comfort level and in a survival situation, this can impede your efforts to survive.

Don't forget about it's shelter value as well. Overhead cover keeps your area dry. It's not fun to be rained on. You can use it to keep your gear dry or have a place to sit that won't get your bum all wet.

These ponchos are not the razor thin pieces of plastic that wouldn't suffice as garbage bag material. Those ponchos wouldn't last a single use. If you're walking through woods and you brush a branch, you don't want your poncho ripping and tearing off of you.

You need durable wet weather gear that can endure and be used more than once. This poncho is made of vinyl and can keep you dry even while working. You never know, it might rain more than one day.

Comes in orange only. Bright orange is good for signaling also.

Wet Weather Poncho

I suffered a couple of unexpected and strong tropical rain showers and a poncho is valuable in these situations. On this item, the plastic side fasteners are really strong and the wind does not undo them. Just be cautious when reopening at a time and not all at once...No one should go out without a Poncho...I even had rain in the middle of the sahara...and it can be used as a shelter, tent, signalisation flag,...
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