Waterproof Matches


These waterproof matches do not have the wind proofing ability like the Windproof Matches but they're a bit cheaper. They light when wet but just don't last as long. If you transfer these matches to a separate container, be sure to cut out the striking surface and keep with the matches. Safety matches have to be lit on an appropriate surface.

Waterproof Matches

  • 40 matches per box.
  • Unique blend of non-toxic chemicals formulated to light in wet conditions.
  • Match box striking surface is treated with moisture resistant coating. (Try to keep dry.)

Waterproof matches are an essential component of any survival kit. Your need to keep warm, especially in a cold environment, is very important. You can go weeks without food, days without water, but you can freeze to death in a few short hours in the cold. Without warmth and shelter, your body will not last long.

In a wilderness survival situation, being able to start a fire can save your life. Wet matches shouldn't be a reason to decrease your chances for survival. Waterproof matches light when wet and provide the necessary warmth, light and comfort you will need in survival mode.

Great for tackle boxes, boats, or any survival kit.

Waterproof Matches

4-Pack of 40 matches/packĀ  (160 matches total)

I tested the matches and they worked fairly well in a permanently windy condition. I also had windproof matches that were better adapted to the situation.
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