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survival tin

Survival Tin




survival tin for mini survival kitYou can use this survival tin to build your own mini survival kit. It has a hinged top that opens and closes. You can put many different items inside one of these tins. To create your own mini survival kit, your ingenuity is the limit.

Survival Tin

Just some of the items you might want to include in this survival tin:

Waterproof Matches, Pencil and Paper, Water Purification Tablets, Snare Wire, Spark-Lite Fire Starter, Tinder, Hacksaw Blade, Razor Knife or Camping Saw, Fishing Kit, Whistle, Small Sewing Kit, Safety Pins, Signal Mirror (although the tin itself can be used as a reflecting signaling device).

Your survival tin configuration can be any combination of these or other items that you deem necessary for inclusion. You can get a ton of ideas just by surfing around the net as there are numerous examples of what to put in a home made mini survival kit.

We also include three shrink wrappers you can use to seal your new mini survival kit. Apply heat with a hair dryer or heatgun and the wrapping shrinks to fit. Why three? You may want to change contents of your home made survival kit and may want to reseal it. (The shrink wrapping does NOT waterproof your tin. It merely helps it from being opened inadvertently.) You can still wrap 550 cord around it as many people do with these types of mini survival kits.

Survival Tin dimensions: 3.9" length x 2.45" depth x .875" height.

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