Compact Pocket Survival Kit

First, you will need to find a suitable container to hold your survival kit. An Altoids tin or Ice Breakers mint container are great containers. Also, you can buy the survival tin. But I recommend the survival tin because it can be used to boil water as well as hold your survival equipment. See most people don't understand the meaning of a survival kit. A survival kit is supposed to be a kit that you carry around with you where ever you go in case you get lost or stranded. Some people exaggerate the idea of a survival kit. Who would carry a survival backpack around with them daily? Those types of kits are only useful for going hiking or camping where you will constantly be changing direction and easily may get lost or at home in case of hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, etc. After you get your survival kit container I suggest you put the following in your kit.

- a razor knife or scalpel blade
- 6 portable aqua tablets (easily cut a straw and put the tablets in the straw and tape the straw shut)
- 3 fish hooks (I recommend the ones with the short amount of fishing line attached)
- 1 wire saw without straps
- 1 brass snare
- 5 waterproof matches and striker(coat matches in nail polish to waterproof in your have non waterproof matches)
- 2 1.5 inch nails
- 2 quarters and a dime (for phone booths if found)
- 1 small hard candy (energy)
- 1 rubber band(put around case then wrap shoelace around case under rubber band)
- 1 8-hour Tylenol
- 2 safety pins (easy repairs)
- 1 button compass (non liquid filled or plastic, they freeze and break easily)
- 1 emergency tinder tab

Now you can add anything you would like that fits into the container depending on your own needs. I also recommend putting in a 1-3 day supply of any medications you are taking. Also, add an individually wrapped wet wipe like the ones you get at restaurants. Nobody wants to use the wrong leaf, if you know what I mean. A small picture of family or loved ones is also always a way to push you and keep you going. A mini salt pack also makes hunted meat or bugs tastier. Nobody likes to eat insects but if you have to, at least make them taste a bit better. The most important thing in a survival situation is knowledge. There are many websites and articles on primitive survival methods that could save your life. You can also find online military survival manuals that are jam-packed with great information and have pictures that demonstrate how to make things like traps, stone knives, fires, fishing nets, etc. Your kit should weigh no more than 6 to 12 oz. when completed.

-Chris S.


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