Fire Starting Supplies

These fire starting supplies give you options you can pack in your survival or emergency kit to ensure you can stay warm and dry in an emergency. In a survival scenario, the ability to start a fire can mean the difference between life and death.

You need a fire for warmth, cooking, and comfort

If you do not have a way to get or stay warm, your body will lose can get hypothermia and die. Fire starting is arguably the most important component of a survival kit.

The most important piece of gear you have in your survival kit is a way to make a fire.

If one method fails, have a backup. If it poured rain and everything is wet, you can still build a roaring fire to get warm by. And to make it even easier to start one, you have multiple emergency tinder options as sure methods of getting your kindlin' started even when they're wet. Your survival kit should contain multiple fire starting supplies and you should practice using them.

Having multiple ways to make a fire is just smart!

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This is the military issue magnesium fire starter. The flint rod will not break off in extreme cold, heat, or dropping on a hard surface unlike other models. Something to think about when buying one of these. You want your fire starter to stay intact.

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Safe, sure emergency fire starting kit. Start fires without matches. Tinder lights even when wet. Non-toxic, odorless. Each piece burns 2-3 minutes....
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This watertight match box has a primary use of placing your emergency matches inside and keeping them dry. The watertight match box has a seal in the cap...
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