Shelter Items

Shelter is of paramount importance to your survival. Staying out of the weather preserves your body's resources for producing heat. Rain, wind, snow can all deplete you of your body heat. Lose too much of it and you go into hypothermia. By including appropriate survival shelter supplies in your survival kit, you will be able to stay out of the weather and increase your chances of survival.

Shelter Items to Keep the Weather Off

Emergency blankets have been around for years. Recent technological advances have made them more durable by making them with polyethylene material instead of the old style Mylar material. Heatsheets™ brand products are all made with this newer more durable material and are definitely a step up from the old style.

A poncho provides its own shelter and keeps the rain off of you. You can also make an improvised shelter by stringing it up as an overhead cover. A tube tent is a premade emergency tent that sets up in minutes. It helps to keep you out of the wind and provides a dry sleeping space. The thermal blanket is a heavy duty emergency blanket that is very durable. It is much thicker than the regular mylar blankets.

Inexpensive rain protection. Versatile poncho can also be used as ground sheet, lean-to, wind break or temporary tarp. Waterproof vinyl material....
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An emergency blanket is a thin, lightweight blanket that reflects body heat back on to you so you can stay warm when it's cold. Absolute necessities of...
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Giving you a comfortable night of rest, this self inflating sleeping pad provides a foam and air cushion between you and the ground that is hard to beat...
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This All Weather Blanket is The Original Space® Blanket evolved from an insulation material developed for use by NASA in the Apollo program. Like the...
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Rip-stop Poncho is made of polyester for comfort and durability. It measures 56 x 90 inches and comes with snap closures and grommeted corners for use as an...
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The poncho liner has always been a favorite for military personnel. Soft, comfortable and keeps you warm in moderate temperatures, the "woobie" as it's...
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Bivouac Shelter Tent - Compact design for special operations and tactical maneuvers, lightweight nylon, double layer nylon floor, no-see-um mesh screening,...
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This is a nice little tent and fits two people easily along with some gear. I like the inside pocket for keeping small items like keys, phone, and other...
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